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Originally written on my linkedin page or via email.

Mary Summerill, Producer-Director at BBC Blue Planet II:

Catarina was great to work with – in a very short time she was able to grasp a tricky story and get to grips with a lot of footage to produce a lovely sequence, that will sit very well in the programme.  She was great at finding ways to build the story, and add some nice style elements that gave it extra polish – an achievement especially as we didn’t have long to complete it. (January 2017).

John Ruthven, Producer-Director at BBC Blue Planet II:

Catarina is simply a great editor and has a good feel for music and the beauty of images. Catarina also has one of the chief qualities I look for in a modern editor when faced with the huge amount of media multi camera digital shoots often produce – she is very fast! Fun to work with and very professional she just gets on with it and gives you a feeling of confidence that you will get the job done. (July 2016).

Alan Pleass, Independent Producer-Director and Founding Director at BTTP Films:

I couldn’t recommend Catarina highly enough. Personally she is always a pleasure to work with, is professional and passionate and works quickly and efficiently. I’ve spent many an hour with Catarina in an edit suite producing animations and graphics and tweaking films after client feedback. She’s patient and creative and works well with instruction but is equally happy to suggest ideas and designs. (November 2015).

Jemma Hodkinson, Production Manager at Snowline Productions:

We’ve used Catarina for multiple editing jobs and she is someone that consistently delivers. A freelancer that has a very professional approach and accurately interprets direction. Whether she is working at our office or hers, she maintains a high level of focus. We’ve always been very pleased with both the editing and motion graphics work produced by Cat. (June 2015).

Louie Blystad-Collins, Freelance Cinematographer/DOP:

I have worked with Catarina on a few occasions now, and I would thoroughly recommend her as an editor, or as a key member of any crew or project. I have seen her work under immense pressure (editing footage as it comes in, literally minutes before a live screening of it to a large audience), and I have seen her technical and creative input on other projects, where she excelled and did a great job. It may sound obvious, but her timing is impressive (many editors have no ‘rhythm’ or sense of dramatic timing), and she has been a pleasure to work with, and always puts in 150% to every task or challenge. She is also always very keen to try new things, learn new techniques/tools, and seems like a very flexible and creative person to have on board for any project. I would always feel safe and confident knowing my footage was in Catarina’s hands. It also helps that she is a lovely person to be around and work with. (September 2014).

 Oliver Zimmermann, Managing Director at Zed Productions:

Catarina is a pleasure to work with. She always puts in maximum effort and time on every job (Nov 2012).


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